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Here at Locksmith-CA, we want to provide you with links and information about locksmiths in the state of California. Our goal is to collect listings and reviews for California locksmith companies that are located in your area.We know that finding a reputable locksmith is becoming an even more difficult task than it has been in the past. We hope our site helps you avoid the scams and disreputable companies out there.
About us
Locksmith-CA exist to serve you with links to the best California based locksmith companies in business. If you're looking for the best locksmith software try Real Time Manager.

In our Service page we will be placing the links to the best locksmith websites.

To help you choose a locksmith company, we are providing a Testimonials page. On this page visitors to the site can write reviews and share their experiences with specific locksmith companies.

Our F.A.Q. page will provide you with a forum to ask questions that will be answered and commented on by other page visitors.


On our Service page, we want to provide you with links to California based locksmith companies that are close to your area. We will do our best to put up links to the most reputable locksmith websites.
On this page we will have customer testimony and reviews about locksmith companies that our visitors have dealt with.

We want are visitors to share any testimony that have as it relates to California locksmith companies. We want to hear good experiences and the bad. We hope that through sharing experiences, people will be able to learn what actions to avoid and which actions lead to a  success story.